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Set up

Calls to your new number will be sent (or diverted) to one or more standard landlines, mobile numbers or VoIP numbers of your choosing.

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Choose a plan for

    • Starter


    • Free Talk Time 100 minutes

    • Call Cost 20c/min

    • Setup Cost $0

    • Flagfall None

    • Free Reporting Yes

    • Australian Support Yes

    • Answer on Mobile 45c/min

    • Most Popular


    • Free Talk Time 350 minutes

    • Call Cost 10c/min

    • Setup Cost $0

    • Flagfall None

    • Free Reporting Yes

    • Australian Support Yes

    • Answer on Mobile 35c/min

    • Heavy


    • Free Talk Time 1000 minutes

    • Call Cost 8c/min

    • Setup Cost $0

    • Flagfall None

    • Free Reporting Yes

    • Australian Support Yes

    • Answer on Mobile 30c/min

What you should know:
1. Every plan includes Free Talk Time which has the value of the duration of the Free Talk Time multiplied by the standard call cost (Starter: 20c/min, Most Popular: 10c/min, Heavy: 8c/min). All calls you receive are deducted from this value and if this value is depleted, calls will be charged in addition.
2. We require 30 days notice for any cancellations.
3. Charges are GST exclusive.

Optional: Live Answering

You can choose to add our Live Answering option to your plan, which will send any calls you miss or don't answer in time to a professionally trained operator. This answering service is available 24/7 and is run by Australia-based operators who are professionally trained. It's more than just an answering service.

For example:
Operator: "Welcome to [your business name], this is Megan, how may I help you?"
Customer: "Hi, I'm looking for Steven, is he around?"
Operator: "I'm sorry, Steven is unavailable at the moment. Can I have your details and I'll have him call you when he's available."

How much is Live Answering?

Live Answering is charged by a flat monthly-fee to have your message service hosted in our call-centre, then a per-minute fee for answering calls (which pays for the wage of the trained call-centre operator).

    • Live Answering


    • Call Cost $2.50/min

    • Australia-based Yes

    • Custom Greeting Yes

    • Per SMS Free

    • Per Email Free

What you should know:
1. All of your calls will be answered in Australia.
2. A 15 second wrap-up time is added to the duration of each call, to account for the extra time it takes call-centre operators to send a message to you.
3. We require 30 days notice for any cancellations.
5. Charges are GST exclusive.

How does it work?

On the next screen you will be able to write your custom greeting, which is what the call-centre operator says when they answer calls on your behalf. The call-centre operator only answers the call when you miss it or are busy.

Our operators are highly flexible and are great at improvisation. If somebody asks for you, they will tell them that you are unavailable and will take a message. If somebody asks to book a service, they will get the details of the person and let them know that somebody from your service team will get back to them shortly.

You are delivered messages by SMS and/or email - an option you will select on the next page.

It's never been easier to run a business - choose Live Answering and never miss a call again!

Set up Live Answering

Write your Greeting

The greeting you specify below will be read by our operators when they answer a call on your behalf.

, this is Megan, how may I help you?

Message Taking Options

You can receive messages from our operators via SMS, email or both. How would you like to receive messages?

What mobile number should SMS messages be delivered to?

What email address should messages be delivered to?

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Payment method

Your connection to us is safe and secure.
We accept payment from Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards. Your details are stored in compliance with industry-grade PCI DSS security protocols to ensure complete safety.


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